Barnacle Busters Volvo Steering Ram Protectors

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Barnacles Busters Volvo Steering Ram Protectors
(Volvo Stern Drive model DP-H only)

Do you have problems with barnacle and oyster growth?
Save Thousands of Dollars on Repairs to Volvo Stern Drives!!!


steering_ram_unprotected (1)Barnacles and oysters have been able to grow on the Steering Rams of stern drives. The steering rams have oil seals that are sensitive to sharp objects. There are several problems associated with marine growth on the steering rams.

Barnacles and oysters are sharp. When they grow on the steering ram pistons, they can cut the oil seals during normal operation.

If the oils seals have been damaged by marine growth, water will enter the steering rams, resulting in internal damage to the mechanical components. There is a considerable cost to repair or replace the damaged components, and this could be as much as $2000.00.

Apart from damage to the steering rams and pumps, loss of steering and control can result.

The Barnacle Busters Protector ‘Stops’ barnacles and oysters growing on the steering rams.

The risk of damage to the steering rams and seals due to barnacle and oyster growth will be zero!

This will save you the inconvenience, not to mention the cost of repairs to your steering ram components due to loss of oil and water ingress.

By using a Barnacles Busters Protector, the steering rams will remain protected between haul outs and servicing.

We do recommend that a new Barnacle Busters Bellows Protector is replaced during routine servicing.

We do recommend that new Barnacle Busters Protectors are replaced during routine servicing.

Download Barnacle Busters Brochure (pdf)


Contact your nearest Volvo service centre – $49-95 each

15% GST to be added to orders within New Zealand. Additional freight charges apply